Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Faith on Fire

Faith on Fire not only a book, it’s a show!  Never in my dreams did I think I would be doing a show, but here we go! I want to hear about you!  Have you had your worst impossible situation turn into a miracle?  If so, email me at president@emresources.net.

My first guest is George Hancock the pastor at Christian World Church in Richardson, Texas.  George was preaching one day to our congregation and he pointed his finger and said: "The first ingredient of a miracle is an impossible situation." I felt like he was pointing directly at me.  

Pondering this statement, I began to look for miracles and that year alone I documented over 100 miracles in my own life.  I got to thinking, what if we are missing the miracles because we are too busy with life.  

Subsequently, my book Faith on Fire, is subtitled “The first ingredient of a miracle is an impossible situation.”   

That subtitle took on a whole new meaning and I began to craft the book around some of the miracles I had experienced as a firefighter and paramedic.   

It dawned on me that every difficulty we face, every trauma in life, every impossible situation has something positive that comes out of it.  Even the great depression changed life for Americans for the better.  The financial world reset itself and the common man was able to create possibility like never before. 

What if we began to study the impossible situations in life.  What if we looked at them and declared a miracle in the face of the impossible?  What could happen?  Is life and death is in the power of our words.  Do we have the power to flip our problems and reap miracles.  I think we do.  The book Faith on Fire will certainly prove some of these statements, but I am also interested in your thoughts, your dreams and your miracles.
If you have experienced a miracle in life that was once an impossible situation, email me at president@emresources.net  Maybe you will be on the show.  

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